Revealing God’s Heart for His People Israel

Created in 2013, Between Heaven and Earth brings Jew and Gentile together, as Ruth Fazal shares her journey of the heart, since coming to be in Israel in 2011. This honest and at times challenging film opens up a window onto the Land, the Torah and the People of Israel, while seeking to understand how what we see there may be relevant to those of us who are believers in Jesus Christ.

This film combines the beauty of scenes from the land of Israel, while discussing the foundation of God’s relationship with His people Israel, and also with those who are ‘grafted in’ through faith in Jesus.

Full of interesting insights and new depths of understanding of God’s heart for His people Israel, we are encouraged to ask ourselves as Christians, why we are detached from the Jewish roots of our faith in so many ways, and thus from the rich insights and interpretations of the scriptures that are the foundation of the lives of the Jewish people. Ruth points out that we have so much to learn and gain from our Jewish brothers and sisters who are also seeking to live out their lives in the revelation of what God has given them to live by. (The Torah) As you look through this window onto the life of just one Orthodox Jew and his young family, your hearts will be touched as Gil Pentzak talks with Ruth Fazal about his relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Enjoy the honest conversations, and soak up the beauty of the extraordinary land of Israel.
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