What are People Saying About Ruth’s Music?

Songs from the River (Vol. 1-4)

Very beautiful music. It is simply amazing that such instrumentals can actually liberate, reassure, and place us in the peaceful presence of the Lord.

This is the most awesome soaking CD that I’ve heard in a long time. Soooo soothing and gentle!

I found myself overcome by the love of the Lord as I listened to this absolutely gorgeous presentation of the sounds of heaven. This is a “take me into the inner court” music arrangement. Ruth’s expertise on the violin is anointed and incredible. I needed this and listen often.

Serenely beautiful violin, in a romantic, poetic style.. Extremely beautiful, peaceful violin music, with sounds that are almost heavenly.

When one plays this CD, the very atmosphere of a room is filled with a sweet peace. This music is excellent for quiet times and to create a beautiful, serene atmosphere in your home.

Ruth Fazal has been a favorite of mine for almost 6 years now. Never had this album but have Vol. 2 and 4–which I also love. So I got this one and it is another winner. Her music never gets old and always draws me into His Presence.

This is beautiful music to soak in and relax…..highly recommended! The violin speaks with such passion in the hands of Ruth, and is wonderful for times with The Lord.

Absolutely carries you far away to heaven and sooo relaxing. a great soaking cd and I highly recommend it to anyone who prays and sits in the presence of the Lord

Ruth Fazal’s music reached deep into my bones, muscles, heart, eyes, belly and goes even more deeply to my spirit, my soul

A Time for Healing

This is some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear this side of heaven. I just discovered this artist and am well on my way to owning all of her music.

Hineni (Here I Am) Hebrew worship songs

Ruth Fazal has another winer!
This CD has spoken English at the beginning of some of the songs before the music begins. All the songs are sung in Hebrew and are very anointed as are Ruth’s other CD’s… I definitely recommend it!!!

My heart was moved when I listened to this music! I wanted music to soak (setting time aside to be still without interruptions from busy life just to focus on the Lord) to. In my search I found this cd by Ruth Fazal whom I’ve enjoyed in the past but when I went to listen to this music I was deeply moved, which is strange because the cd is sung almost entirely in the Hebrew language. I downloaded it right away! Every song is my favorite, that’s how good this piece is. I felt like I had to have it. It was so lovely and powerful I cried on some of the songs before I even knew what was being said. I fell in Love the very first time I listened. I later found the English interpretation of the songs at www.ruthfazal.com. You can’t go wrong with this cd if you are a soaker or if you just love blessed music.

This album was G-d for me right now. It lifted me up out of my self-orientation in the details of life and brought me to worship in the presence of G-d.

I cannot tell you how amazing this music is or how Ruth’s Hebrew (excellent) touched my heart. I can only say you have to hear it for yourself.

This music is very relaxing and invites you into His presence. I met personally Ruth, she is a true women of God, very humble, very beautiful soul, she dedicated her life serving others fulfilling God’s plan for her life, you will feel God’s Spirit in her music. I love the fact that it is in Hebrew


Beautiful, spirit filled, original…just three words of many that could be used to describe this music. The Psalms tell us to sing unto the Lord a new song. It is so refreshing to discover all of Ruth Fazal’s original songs. They are fresh and beautiful.

Fire of Love

Ruth has a way to bring one into worship. Her music is so blessed that one can listen to have a quiet time or worship the LORD for bringing in HIS presence.

Joy in the Night

I bought this for my 4 year old nephew, who had brain surgery after being severely beaten. I wanted him to hear music from the throne room of God while he recovers. I first tried it out and slept until 9:30 am and when I woke I had no recall of where I had been all that time and was totally rested.I highly recommend this for anyone who needs peace and restoration

Ruth Fazal is very gifted and anointed and you can sense the Presence of God when you listen to the CD. Also good to set the tone of a Sunday morning before church. I listen to it often before I sit down to have a quiet time.

Inside Your Heart

We love this CD. Precious! True intimacy, beautiful vocals, wonderful violin.
We’ll probably buy all her stuff! Lives up to its title

This CD is timeless. I recommend it for meditation and deep worship when you want to experience the Father’s heart.

Who is This? Volume 2

Words cannot express the heavenly beauty of this cd because it is highly anointed and musically perfected!! My worship experience with Jesus has gone through the ceiling as I have listened and interacted with my loving Savior Jesus, my brother, my King, my Bridegroom!!

Together we Come to the Father

This CD is one that I go to sleep with almost every night. I love worshiping our Heavenly Father and this gives peace and shalom for a worried or stressful life.

Ruth’s music has been a favorite of a great friend of mine, that I had to buy her music. You will not regret having this CD.

On & On

What an awesome CD! Brings you into the deep presence of God. The music takes me to a place where my spirit soars with God.

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