What was the inspiration for Awakening?Yehudas-yad-vashem-picture-homage-to-Pitter

In 2007, during a time of worship, I entered into a kind of ‘vision’ as I watched the following scenario unfold before my eyes. I realised in the following weeks that this was to become a piece of music. However, I also realised that this is a message that the Lord is asking me to carry, and to communicate. And so, I am attempting to do that, as He gives me the language and ability to communicate the urgency of the hour. The problem is; although I feel strongly that the time is urgent, at the same time I cannot tell you the ‘why’ or ‘how’ of what is coming. My job is to ‘sound the trumpet’ both musically, and in speech. I know is that it is crucial that we draw closely into the heart of God, and from there we will be ready for whatever comes. Predominantly, the message is of the importance of intimacy with Jesus, and I will do the best I can, in the grace that the Lord gives me to communicate it.

AWAKENING was recorded in Slovakia, in May 2009 with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, choir, and Bratislava Boys Choir.

The Awakening Story
Read the vision, and then click below, and listen to Ruth describing the vision

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1. The Sound

It is dusk, and the scene is a desert plain. A large group of people are settling down for the night. This group of people may have been an army at one time, but now this army seems totally dysfunctional, and there is a sense of weariness with the fight. There is a general atmosphere of sleepiness and almost a sadness. It seems as though they have lost their leader. It is just one mass of people.( sheep without a shepherd)

As sleep begins to settle over them, the sound of a trumpet is heard in the far distance. It is just a very short burst of sound, and then it is gone again. One or two people raise their heads, as though to say ‘What was that?’ but all becomes quiet again. The group continues to sleep. Then the sound of the trumpet floats on the air once more.. A few more people hear it this time, but- what does it mean? For those who have been roused, it becomes difficult to settle down again. Sleep does not come easily when there are interruptions!

The trumpet sounds again and then again……each time it is a little nearer and a little louder. There is a general stirring amongst the group now, and a few have begun to slowly get to their feet. All of a sudden, the Trumpeter appears….. in the midst of the camp. He is riding on a huge horse, and what he plays on the trumpet is both urgent and tender. The horse comes to a standstill, and he plays again. It is as though he is saying ‘Come away with me’ It is an urgent plea…….. like someone tugging on your arm to lead you away. In the distance the sound of other trumpets is heard, as though responding to the playing of the Trumpeter.

Many of the people are now standing to their feet, and collecting up their things. Almost immediately, another band of riders appear. They are on very strong and fast horses, and they ride into the camp. The Trumpeter continues to play, communicating the urgency. The call increases…. those on the fast horses join in, and more and more of the sleeping army are now on their feet. One more call from the Trumpeter…”Are you ready to go”

“Yes” is the response of those who have made themselves ready , and with this, they are scooped up by these riders, onto the backs of the horses, and, with the Trumpeter at the helm, they begin to ride off. Some remain behind, but many have responded and are now on their way. It is too urgent to wait for everyone to be ready. This is all too urgent to try to understand. The Trumpeter is saying ‘Trust Me. It’s time to move”

2. The Ride

Now the Ride begins; the surefooted fast horses following hard after the Trumpeter, who leads the way. It was all so sudden. Almost no one was ready for the unexpected awakening. There were choices to be made…. go or stay? Leave things behind? Leave people behind… not just anybody, but loved ones? Can the Trumpeter be trusted? Where is He leading them to? There is no time to stop to rest, and hardly time to think. The horses move so fast, that sometimes every effort has to be made to hang on, and not be thrown off. There is still no understanding of what this ride it is all about, but it does seem to be the right thing to have left the place they were in. The fast horses seem confident, and their riders seem so connected to the Trumpeter…. almost as though they are part of Him. Confidence rises in each heart as the long ride continues. It seems as though they are riding through time as well as space. The landscape is the flatness of the desert plain, and there are no obstacles in the way, save speed itself. The air is hot and dry. When will they arrive?

3. The Glory

Suddenly, the horses cross a line in the sand that ushers them into a new place. The atmosphere completely changes. It is a new land, and although none of these newcomers know where they are, they all know that they have arrived, The light is so intense, so bright, and at first it is hard see anything. Slowly, as their eyes become accustomed to the new atmosphere, things begin to appear that were not visible at first. It is almost as though life springs up from nowhere…… were they always there, or is life being created in front of their eyes? This new Land is unfamiliar, and yet completely known. It is a bit like when we understand a truth for the first time. That wonderful ‘Ah!’ of recognition, and then the feeling of not being able to explain what we now understand! Sounds and voices can be heard, and slowly the newcomers find themselves being drawn toward the origin of these new sounds. As they move closer, the light intensifies, and even though they know that they have now joined many who are encircling something in the centre, the light is still too bright for them to actually see it. But, it does not mean that they are not able to join in with the throng of voices who seem to be singing a Song that they have never heard before. The sound is so glorious! To enter into the singing of this Song takes every part of their being. Even though the words are a new language, to sing them seems to release such a depth of emotion that they had never known in that other land, where they had chosen to camp for so long. Many are beginning to think ‘How could we have lived without hearing this Song?”

That other land seems so far away now. This new Song engages every part of their being. It is a mixture of joy and laughter, with emotions and feelings of love that nothing shared between any human beings could ever compare with. As the Song continues, they gradually become aware once again of the sound of the Trumpeter. It appears as though He is right in the centre of this Light, but their eyes are not able to see Him. He is playing, and it seems as though everything else is responding to Him playing. But now the sound is not just one trumpet…. it is the sound of many trumpets. They seem to echo back and forth in the midst of this great Light. Who would ever want to leave this place? It is surely created to be lived in for Eternity!

4. The Call

Suddenly, in the midst of the Song, another sound breaks in. Like a distant groaning it seems to fill the air. It is deafening to the hearts of those who hear it. Everyone becomes silent and still, alert to its sound. As though all of creation is in agony, the cry, emanating from where the ride began, reaches the ears of all those engaged in singing the Song of all Songs in this never-ending place of light. ‘Where is the Light?’ creation groans. ‘Where can beauty be found? Who will come and rescue us?’ It is as though the very foundations of the earth are in agony, waiting for an answer. In the midst of the ensuing silence a Voice comes from the centre of the Light. It is the voice of the Trumpeter. The voice begins to sing; ‘Comfort, comfort my people. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem’

Now the people realise that they cannot remain here in this new -found world; they must respond to the groaning of all creation . They now know that they have been brought here for a purpose far greater than they could have imagined. They must return to where they began. They must carry the Song of all Songs, and filled with the light of this place, bring this revelation of beauty and light that will release those who are crying out in the darkness. In response to the voice of the Trumpeter, they begin to sing – ‘Hineni” – Here I am – send me. Those who have been awakened express their willingness to go. They commit to being those who will respond to the voice of the Trumpeter. The Awakening has begun!

Yehudas-yad-vashem-picture-homage-to-PitterCover Painting “From Holocaust to Resurrection” (1946) by Yehuda Bacon. Used with permission.
Israeli artist Yehuda Bacon was born in Czechoslovakia in 1929, to a Chassidic family. In 1941, he was sent to Theresienstadt (Terezin) at the age of thirteen, where he began to draw. Whilst in Theresienstadt, he studied under the direction of artists Otto Unger, Bedrich Fritta and Leo Hass. In 1943 he was deported to Auschwitz. He emigrated to Eretz Israel with the Youth Aliya in 1946, studied art at the Bezalel Academy of Art and then continued his studies in Italy, London, New York and Paris. In 1961 he testified at the Eichmann trial. Bacon lectured in the art department of Haifa University and at Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem.


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