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No Ordinary Week
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NOW group March 2015Our 4th “NOW in Jerusalem” will be October 30th-November 6th 2016  with an option to stay for an extra 3 day tour
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HERE ARE A FEW COMMENTS FROM NOW in Jerusalem participants

“I wish it could be last week all over again”

I thank you both so much for allowing us to enter into God’s presence and the heart of Israel . It was our first trip to Israel and we were so thankful to wander away from the Tourist experience and instead have a very realistic impression of Israel today which became only possible through beautiful worship lead by Ruth,  excellent teaching by Gil and heart rendering moments as we mixed with Israelis and saw the importance of understanding Israel today. Not to forget our increasing responsibility to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The week and three day tour were exceptional. My only complaint is that we ate too much in our beautiful hotel. What a time we had. Thank you very much..

IMG_2795 “Ruth and Gil’s wish and prayer was that we would “all find Him in every step of our journey together.”  I think that prayer was wonderfully answered. There was nothing glib or man-pleasing about our learning together”. 

“…. the sometimes superficial character of much of our Christianity was challenged by this exposition and reminder of truth. Haven’t we as a church lacked the deep knowledge of the God who is, and who shows his abiding character in his dealings with Israel, now and in the past, not least in his judgments before his mercy?”

“I think we all felt the love of God throughout and that we were worshipping together the one true God of Israel. Most importantly there was lots of laughter. We were privileged to be introduced to so many aspects of the life of Israel, accompanied by Ruth and Gil’s beautiful playing and singing. Trying to pretend we sang in Hebrew was a challenge but great fun; be warned- Gil likes to tease with a Hebrew tongue-twister”

IMG_2699“A big thank you to Ruth and Gil for all we received during the NOW week. It has deepened our understanding of our Hebraic roots, challenged our concept of Law and Grace and touched our hearts forever.  We feel to encourage our Christian friends to walk more closely with our elder brother, Israel”

“An awakening and deepening of love for our brothers and sisters who love God In Israel. We were inspired by the depths of love and compassion discovered in the hearts of those who were introduced to us by Ruth and Gil, – men and women who so openly shared with us. Essentially we discovered we are One with those that love God. Our Father, Abba. Thank you Ruth and Gil for your faithfulness to the call to reveal and share your hearts and His heart with us…

IMG_2622 “We learned so much about the Jewish people, God’s promises to the Israelites and how many of the Old Testament prophecies are coming to fruition in the 21st Century it was simply awesome.  We studied together,
worshiped together, prayed together and went sight-seeing together – Jew and Christian – and really felt God’s presence with us.  This was a wonderful experience that expanded our understanding of God’s love of His people
and of our respective roles in His plans.”
“My spirit is continually singing “Be Lifted High” and is present with you and Gil even though there are 5700 geographical miles between us” Gill calling the group to order!
Many moments of laughter This week connected my heart to Israel relationally. I have prayed to love what He loves, and I have always known God loves Israel. But to have beloved faces before me now, has deepened that love to something more concrete than just a belief system. It’s more than a command to my heart. I felt the heart of the Father for His people first hand…in the land….with them. That is a gift I pray I never forget.
“We miss you both so much! I sing our anthem every day! Thank you for the picture and for memories that will last forever.
It was so special”Worship of the One God we both love and are trying to hear & serve became the vehicle that broke down the walls of separation between Christian & Jew (Gil being our contact point)”
A beautiful day in Samaria
In Itamar with Rabbi Moshe and his wife Leah “The worship became the place that “thinned” the veil so that we could encounter Him individually on the very land that He chose, whether it was His choosing to come near through the tabernacle, through the temple, through prayer (wailing wall), through the covenant land (Samaria), or even through suffering (Vad Vasham)”
“…It was through worship that both the people of His choosing and the land of His choosing became close and I found myself truly “between heaven & earth”.”

“Ruth, it is so amazing how the Holy Spirit drew us into His heart during this week and revealed His joy in all that you and Gill have entered into with Him.”

In the Synagogue in Itamar


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