Songs from River 5 Violin

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Instrumental music for your quiet reflective times

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5 reviews for Songs from River 5 Violin

  1. Ruth Fazal

    I hope you are enjoying the music and the video clips. It is so good to be able to share this new CD with you all…… x ruth

  2. Alison (verified owner)

    I find it hard to review this CD. It is contemplative. It is very restful. Yet its much more. Thats why I cannot truly explain it. I can say with confidence, its where you end up, if you have been to a conference or event and Ruth is playing. First lively worship! Then a little deeper and slower, then just a backing track playing from the keyboard all on its own and that violin, playing exquisitely, bringing you to a place where you end up! And you wonder? What was that all about. Or even as Jacob experienced ” surely the LORD is in this place”

  3. Rosemarie Sousa (verified owner)

    Thank you Ruth again for performing so beautifully with your violin…I play this in my car and am moved deeply by certain
    tracks…brings me into the presence of Jesus..and that is where I want to be. The song “Renewed”, and “Hope” fill my heat
    with just that..a renewal, and a hope and anticipation of the Lord’s return. I love all your instrumental C/D’s, hope you do
    more of them.

  4. Anneke Freeland (verified owner)

    This cd is extraordinarily beautiful. Full of strength and making me aware of God’s presence and the beauty of Jesus. I can go on but as a musician really believe this to be outstanding.i tried to fill all the stars but it goes up to 4 1/2.

  5. Ruth Fazal

    thanks Anneke……….. i loved recording it!

  6. Michelle (verified owner)

    So I just ordered 5 copies of this magnificent, mysterious, breathtaking piece of art. It kept my husband ‘going’ in the power of the Holy Spirit during an exhausting period of time; it has ministered to (at his request) my adult son who has struggled with Autism Spectrum Disorder all his life; it settles way too energetic me! Thank you Ruth for creating it. Ian has worn out his copy, so one is for him, one for Paul, one for me and two others will be blessed as well.

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