Why come on a NOW week?

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  • Because you want to understand more about the calling of God on His People Israel
  • Because you want to visit places that most tours do not visit
  • Because you want God to reveal His heart to you
  • Because you are ready to be changed forever!
If this sounds like you, perhaps “No Ordinary Week in Jerusalem” is just right for you!
Come and join us for seven special days in Jerusalem.
We believe that God is doing a new thing in these days, and we are simply asking Him to show us how to walk alongside one another as Jew and Christian, in humility and honour. Not trying to change each other, but just listening to the heart of the Father and to one other as we share openly and honestly.

And what better place to do that than in the most beautiful city on earth – Jerusalem?
Enjoy this unique opportunity to discover what Orthodox Jews believe and how those beliefs are reflected in daily life. Learn about the centrality of the Word of God and the importance of The Land. You will even experience what it is like to “Keep Shabbat” Through this process, you will come to understand more about Yeshua,(Jesus) in his Jewish context, and enjoy the richness that will be brought to your life through the interaction that we are able to have during the week.   
Open conversations between Ruth and Gil as Christian and Orthodox Jew will open the way to share our thoughts and ideas. We will begin each day studying the scriptures together. We will worship together, and Ruth will lead some special sessions of worship, through her songs and with the violin.
We will visit some amazing places and meet some inspiring people! Always the focus is on the “NOW” rather than on the past. What is God doing NOW?  What is He saying to us NOW? 
A day-long trip into Samaria will take us to some of the most beautiful (and controversial) places in Israel.
W explore the Old City of Jerusalem, but in a different way….trying to discover it’s unique place in God’s heart NOW.  We explore the tunnels. We talk about the Temple, and the coming of the Messiah.

Visit Yad Vashem (Holocaust Memorial Museum) and allow God to connect your heart to the most recent and most painful period in the history of the Jewish people. We share Shabbat together with Gil and his friends and family. And more…..
NOW group March 2015 NOW 600X616 A beautiful day in Samaria
Any questions? Write to us at: nowinjerusalem@gmail.com
Would you like to Skype with Gil and/or Ruth for more information?
Send an email marked “Skype Call” to: nowinjerusalem@gmail.com